Third post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 awesome! Yeah this is all in the same night...
It's now 12:42 and the fan in my room is pleading for all the remaining $5-worth-bought-at-Walmart-life it still has left. It's staying on.

I kind of really despise poetry (which is ironic since I am infatuated with ambiguity... hm maybe it's more of a visual infatuation and not a literary one...) In any case yeah I wrote this on the night before my 18th birthday because I felt something had to be done in commemoration of it ya know? I'm glad though that to my avail, turning 18 doesn't really change a whole lot. Other than some stressful formalities (getting a debit card/ id card/ taking money more seriously/ & incessantly being reminded that you will get charged as an adult for any pety crime you may commit in thenear/far/most-likely-near-future), it's basically the same as being a teenager. I don't want to grow up. Ugh, this futon is making me sweat.

The child made its home atop my couch.
It sprawled its tiny legs across the cushions,
And lay its porcelain head upon the pillow.
Dazed, and bewildered it laythere.
It knew it had to leave by tomorrow.
But for now all it wanted to do was lay on the couch,
Looking up at the pale blues of space
It heard a laugh across the sreet,
A dog's startled bark.
Hurriedly, it got up and started to run.
"I'll be back."
It ran for miles, miles, miles, miles.
A woman, bare skin, topless;
Midnight dancing, Los Angeles.
Filthy streets ornamented with stale cigars and black gum;
The boulevard's faint hum
It took these things with it to a mountaintop
And threw them towards the sunset out of boredom.
It laughed.
It giggled joyously.
It was ecstatic with numb stupidity.
The child retired on the sidewalk next to a strip bar.
The stars kissed its porcelain head;
The warm evening air tickled its frailty.
I wondered where it had gone,
Only to receive a response of emptiness.
I wondered if the child would be back before I woke up.
Before it left, it assured me it would be back soon.
But never did it come back.
Cheated, I tossed.
Cheated, I turned.
Our paths would never again cross.
Here's what, for 17 years, I learned.
Not knowing of tomorrow, I lay my head atop 17 years of numb stupidity and fell asleep.
In my dreams I heard the child tell me it would never return.
And indeed, it never did.